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Green Eyes Green Eyes   3 " H X 8" W
This seedling of Kabitan has the same narrow yellow leaves with a very dark-green border. Makes a tight, miniature clump perfect for the rock garden, or as a small border.
Guacamole Guacamole   18"H X 24"W Fragrant
One of the most sought after hostas today! Large near-white blooms also have a bonus of being very fragrant in late summer. Leaves are chartreuse with a wide green edge. 2002 American Hosta Society Growers Hosta of the Year.
Guardian Angel Guardian Angel   30"H X 60"W
Emerges in early spring with each leaf a bright creamy white. At some point the center becomes light green with blue-green margin. Later in the season the center fades to leave a simply stunning large blue hosta.
Gypsy Rose Gypsy Rose   18"H X 20"W
A beautiful new sport of `Striptease`. The nice dark green border has the same ”tease” or narrow strip of white surrounding a center of lighter green changing to a creamy yellow. Beautiful lavender flowers atop a very well growing clump.
Halcyon Halcyon   15"H X 24"W
This long time favorite blue hosta is one of the bluest of the blues. Has good substance and holds its color late into the season. Round leaves form a clump 2` wide with lavender flowers in summer.
Hallie s Honor Hallie s Honor   12"H X 16"W
This wonderful large hosta is named after hybridizer Lilian Maroushek`s great-grandaughter. A vibrant gold new hosta that has deeply corrugated leaves with rippled margins. Near white blooms arrive in late summer.
Harts Tongue Harts Tongue   9"H X 9"W - OUT OF STOCK
Unusual small hosta with one inch wide, upright chartreuse leaves. Turns green later in the season. Lavender flowers late August into September.
Hawkeye Hawkeye   10"H X 12"W
Another great hosta introduced by Lilian Maroushek. This small hosta features a medium green rounded leaf with wide gold margin with a slight cupping. `Hawkeye` shows off lavender flowers in June.
Hearts Content Hearts Content   22"H X 46"W - OUT OF STOCK
Beautiful contrasting creamy white margin and dark green center on a heart-shaped leaf. Good substance. Excellent grower. Pale lavender flowers in mid-summer.
Hercules Hercules   20"H X 36"W
Makes a huge clump of large blue-green leaves rapidly that are topped with near white flowers. Very large pointed leaves. A rarely seen hosta!
Heuchera villosa 'Blackout' USPP#20613 Heuchera villosa 'Blackout' USPP#20613   12" H X 15" W
Tight, compact mound of nearly jet black, very glossy leaves with rounded lobes. Cream, bell-shaped flowers accent the dark foliage color. USDA Hardiness Zone 4 5 Inch Containers
Heuchera villosa 'Encore' USPP#19578 Heuchera villosa 'Encore' USPP#19578   12" H X 15" W
`Encore` starts out in the spring with deep rose purple colored leaves that have a light silvering on top, darker veins, and vibrant reddish-purple undersides. As they mature, the leaves turn lighter rose with a heavy silver overlay and smoky purple veins.This plant is a Heuchera villosa hybrid. The villosa species is a large, late blooming type that exhibits an increased tolerance of high heat and humidity over other species. 5 Inch Containers
Hidden Cove Hidden Cove   4" High X 10" Wide
This little gem, with it`s upright arrow-shaped leaves, emerges in the spring a shiny green and as the season progresses the center slowly turns yellow with green streaks.
Hideout Hideout   4" H X 11" W - OUT OF STOCK
This interesting sport of `Hidden Cove` has very wavy white leaves with a thin green margin. Hosta `Hideout` is a very cute miniature hosta that grows well and looks great in a container planting.Lavender flowers in summer.
Holy Mole Holy Mole   24" H X 38"W - OUT OF STOCK
Wide 2” border of black-green surrounding the chartreuse center. Topped with 30” tall spikes of large and very fragrant near-white flowers
Holy Mouse Ears Holy Mouse Ears   6”H X 16” W
Another TC sport out of ‘Royal Mouse Ears’. Beautiful dwarf-sized, white-centered plant with a good growth rate. Dense clusters of purple flowers in July on short scapes.
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