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"Dear Richard: This year my yard was one of five chosen for a local garden tour. The Governor's mansion is also among the five. Obviously, the plants I ordered were very important to me. I ordered Hostas from ten different on-line nurseries. Of the ten, I was only happy with two, and you are one of the two. Although your prices are quite competitive, it takes a lot more to capture me as a life long customer. Among other things, I was impressed by the size and quality of your plants. Each specimen was absolutely beautiful. Perhaps more importantly, was the obvious care that was taken in packing the plants. Not a single leaf was damaged. I am truly grateful to find such personalized service from an online source. Thank you for treating me as though I were your best customer. I'll send you some pictures after everything is in place. "
-Sharon Mahon, Springfield, IL

Hosta plants are shipped bare root with the soil removed. This is a safe, economical way of shipping used widely throughout the Hosta industry. Hostas are grown in one gallon containers with the exception of some small, dwarf and miniature hostas.

Our Hostas are quality container grown plants. We guarantee that our plants are healthy and true to name. They are state inspected to provide you with strong plants certified to be pest and disease free.

What is a Hosta?

Hostas are hardy, easy to grow, shade perennial plants that display an array of various colors, sizes, textures and shapes. These shade tolerant plants range in size from thumbnail size leaves to leaves a foot wide and clumps as large as seven feet across! Colors range from green, blue, gold and white or with mixed colors of variegation on edge or center. Flowers range from lavender to white and many are fragrant! Hosta plants tolerate partial shade but many can take quite a bit of sun but avoiding mid day sun. Hostas aren't picky about soil but benefit from moist soil that is well drained with added humus. They make perfect accent plants or specimens but many can also be used as groundcovers in the landscape. Hostas are the number one gardening herbacious perennial sold today! We offer many different varieties of minature hosta and dwarf hostas here at the nursery. Take a look at our mini hosta collections for a money savings of 15% off of our prices.


Living Water  16" H X 32" W
Sport of Praise Him, green leaves with a bold white margin.Fragrant flowers.
$12.00 >> More
Hideout  4" H X 11" W
This interesting sport of `Hidden Cove` has very wavy white leaves with a thin green margin. Hosta `Hideout` is a very cute miniature hosta that grows well and looks great in a container planting.Lavender flowers in summer.
$15.00 >> More

We are located in Tyrone, Georgia which is located just south of Atlanta, Georgia in the southeastern U.S.

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